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Application for Testing
  • The Verification Process

    The GHG Center is especially interested in identifying and testing technologies that can mitigate or monitor GHG emissions in the following: electrical power industry (utility scale & distributed power), combined heat and power, oil and gas industries, waste disposal industries (human and agricultural wastes), transportation systems, refrigeration, and reciprocating engines. The GHG Center is not limited to these areas, and is open to all verification opportunities that may exist.

    Please download the Application for Testing Form if you have a technology for possible verification testing:

    1.   Instructions to download the application:
      a.   Use the right mouse button to click the following download link.

      Application for Testing Form

      b.   If using Internet Explorer, from the menu, left click on "Save target as." If using Netscape, left click on "Save file as."

      c.   Save the pdf file.
    2.   Double click to open and complete the application form.
                Note:   You will need the Adobe Acrobat Reader

    3.   Print, fill out and mail or save, complete and email as an attachment.
                Note:   If you have the Adobe Reader only, it will be necessary to print, fill out and mail the application form.

    Mail Application Form to:

    Southern Research Institute
    Greenhouse Gas Technology Center
    3000 Aerial Center Pkwy, Ste 160
    Morrisville, NC 27560

    Email Application Form to:
    Richard Adamson, Center Manager