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Power Production

The GHG Center verifies performance of technologies associated with distributed electrical generation (e.g., microturbines, fuel cells, stirling engines), biomass power production, combined heat and power, and renewable energy.
Type Where Tested Status
Capstone 60 kW Microturbine CHP supermarket complete
Honeywell Paralon Microturbine commercial bldg complete
Honeywell Microturbine CO Control commercial bldg complete
Ingersoll Rand Power Works Microturbine CHP nursing home complete
Mariah Heat Plus Power Microturbine commercial/residential bldg complete
PlugPower PEM Fuel Cell private residence complete
Miratech Reciprocating Engine Air-to-Fuel Ratio Controller industrial engine compressor complete
UTC Fuel Cell municipal waste-water treatment plant complete
UTC Fuel Cell - US Filter GPU municipal waster-water treatment plant complete
Colorado Pork - Martin Machinery Internal Combustion Engine swine farm complete
Colorado Pork - Capstone 30 kW Microturbine System swine farm complete
Natco - Thiopaq Gas Purification Technology municipal waste-water treatment plant complete
Aisin Engine CHP commercial building complete
Capstone 30 kW Microturbine CHP System  dairy farm suspended
PPL Corporation / FuelCell Energy Direct FuelCell CHP  commercial building in planning
Generic Verification Protocol    complete

The Test Plan, Verification Reports and Verification Statements are available in PDF format.
To download Acrobat Reader, click here.