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About the GHG Center

  • GHG Fact Sheet (PDF)

    The GHG Center locates promising GHG mitigation and monitoring technologies, subjects them to independent third-party performance testing, and provides performance results to the public free of charge. The goal of this is to help accelerate the acceptance and use of improved environmental technology. The GHG Center operates under the U.S. EPA’s Environmental Technology Verification Program, and is evaluating technologies in the following industries: Advanced Electricity Production, Distributed Generation, Combined Heat and Power, Oil and Gas Production and Distribution, GHG Monitoring, Large Reciprocating Engines, Refrigeration, Transportation, Renewable and Sustainable Energy Technologies, and others. If you have a technology that could benefit from verification testing, please Request Verification Testing or Contact Us.

    There are many benefits to participating in the ETV Program. Example benefits are listed below.
    1. Vendors of new technologies can enjoy accelerated acceptance of new products from uncertain customers and permitting authorities.
    2. Technology vendors can enjoy the enhanced credibility and expanded national and international exposure and recognition that comes from EPA-backed performance Verification Statements and EPA-sponsored national and international outreach efforts.
    3. Users can use ETV performance data to select technologies that work best for them and to identify technologies that are likely to fail.
    4. All products are tested with standardized and peer reviewed testing protocols.
    5. Vendors, state agencies, and others can benefit from access to government funding for product performance testing they already plan to conduct (ETV cost shared funds support all testing activities).