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Past Stakeholder Activities and Members

Executive Stakeholders Group
Second Executive Stakeholder Meeting
(April 20, 1999 in Arlington, VA)
Meeting Summary (PDF)

First Executive Stakeholder Meeting
(March 24, 1998 in Washington, DC)
Meeting Summary (PDF)

Oil & Gas Industry Group
First Vendor/Operator/Stakeholder Meeting
(June 23-24, 1998 in Houston, TX)
Meeting Summary (PDF)

Electricity Generation Group
First Electricity Generation Stakeholder Meeting
(November 9, 1999 in Arlington, VA)
Meeting Summary (PDF)
(not available through the web site at this time)

Technical Panel Members
Municipal Solid Waste (MSW)
Distributed Generation (DG)
Engine and Fuels
Refrigeration Systems

GHG Forum

Commercial Greenhouse Gas Technology Solutions Forum   


Meeting Summaries are available in PDF format.
To download Acrobat Reader, click here.