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Stakeholder Activities and Members

The GHG Center utilizes balanced stakeholder groups to guide the activities and priorities of the Center. These groups assist in selection and prioritization of technologies to be verified, development of testing protocols, outreach activities, and review of project specific reports and procedures. Previous groups that have guided Center activities include an Executive Stakeholders Group, Oil & Gas Industry Stakeholder Group, Electrical Generation Stakeholder Group, and several small technical panels (municipal solid waste, distributed generation, refrigerant systems, and engines and fuels). For information on past stakeholder activities, please click here. Although full stake holder groups are not maintained due to reduced verification activity, the GHG Center still accepts technologies in these categories. The Center maintains contact with key members in these groups to address issues and provide guidance regarding specific technologies and verification tests.

The GHG Center currently has the following active stakeholder groups:

Advanced Energy Stakeholder Group

First Meeting of the Advanced Energy Stakeholders Group
November 6, 2003 in Washington DC
Meeting Summary (PDF)

Transportation Technologies Stakeholder Group

Members (under development)




Meeting Summary is available in PDF format.
To download Acrobat Reader, click here.