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Testing Protocols

ETV generic verification protocols (also known as guideline documents, generic test protocols, or simply protocols) are developed, modified, or selected to promote uniform testing by the verification partner or contractor for a single class of technologies. Adequate documentation of a robust protocol may allow the development of abbreviated individual Test/QA plans which incorporate the generic verification protocol by reference. Protocols may retain draft status until verification testing is performed, then finalized building upon the testing experience.

Type Status Date
Verification Guideline Series: Natural Gas Compressor Leak Mitigation Technologies complete October 1999
Verification Guideline Series: Parametric Emissions Monitoring System (PEMS) complete September 2001
Verification Guideline Series: Natural Gas-Fired Microturbine Electrical Generators complete March 2002
Generic Verification Protocol for Distributed Generation and Combined Heat and Power Field Testing complete September 2005