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NCI Inc. Condensator Diesel Engine Crankcase Filtration

NCI Condensator, Inc. (NCI) of Grass Valley, California owns the rights to a technology that is planned for use as a retrofit device for existing light and heavy duty diesel engines. The Condensator technology is applicable to diesel engines that have open crankcase ventilation systems. The Condensator is designed to collect and filter the blow-by exhaust from the crankcase and re-route exhaust vapors back to the engine air intake, essentially converting the engine to a closed crankcase system. NCI claims that enhanced fuel economy, reduced opacity, and 100% containment of the blow-by gases are the benefits of using this technology. The GHG Center is in the process of verifying this technology.

Test Plan Verification Report Verification Statement
NCI Condensator
(PDF, 504K)
NCI Condensator
(PDF, 467K)
NCI Condensator
(PDF, 114K)