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EnviroFuels LP Diesel Fuel Catalyzer

The GHG Center is in the process of verifying the potential fuel consumption and pollutant emission improvements attributable to a diesel fuel additive, known as the Diesel Fuel Catalyzer, marketed by EnviroFuels, L.P. EnviroFuels literature states that the key to the catalyzer's performance is a chemical reaction that creates inorganic polymer complexes of phosphorus and nitrogen on the surface of ferrous and non-ferrous metals. The complexes, according to EnviroFuels statements, smooth and passivate the metal surface, improve reflectivity (or emissivity), and reduce oxygen reactivity. EnviroFuels states that the reduced oxygen reactivity reduces NOx formation while the improved emissivity enhances combustion through reduced radiative losses from the flame front. This, combined with improved lubricity, reduces fuel consumption. The verification is scheduled for completion in January 2005.

Test Plan Verification Report Verification Statement
EnviroFuels Diesel Fuel Catalyzer
(PDF, 689K)
EnviroFuels Diesel Fuel Catalyzer
 (PDF, 1267K)
EnviroFuels Diesel Fuel Catalyzer
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