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American Clean Energy Systems ACES-II Diesel Fuel Additive Verification

American Clean Energy Systems, Inc. (http://www.americancleanenergysystems.com/index.html) has contracted with the Greenhouse Gas Technology Center to perform an ETV Verification of their ACES-II diesel fuel additive in an oilfield generator application.  The ACES-II product claims four main functions:

  • Cetane enhancer – intended to improve combustion;

  • Lubricity increase – reduces friction;

  • Detergent – cleans injectors and other surfaces where deposits might collect; and

  • Biocide – prevents growth of algae, fungus and bacteria.

The principle parameters for this verification are:

  • Change in fuel consumption;

  • Change in gaseous emissions (CO, CO2, NOx, SO2, THC)

  • Change in particulate emissions.

Testing will take place on both recently-rebuilt and approaching-rebuild engines to see the impact of the detergent effect relative to other effects, assuming that the detergent will have less impact on a recently rebuilt engine.

Test Plan Verification Report Verification Statement